Digital EduHack South Asia 2021

Digital EduHack South Asia 2021 took place on 9-10 November 2021 as a blended event focusing on digital education for a sustainable world. 43 ideas were presented in the hackathon. You can view all solutions in the project gallery.

Suvadi is the main host for this year hackathon and Sirakukal is also served as the co-host of this event. Digital EduHack Jaffna is free, inclusive, sustainable, open to anyone in South Asia: coders and non-coders, with no discrimination regarding gender, education level, or origin.

Climathon Jaffna 2021

Climathon is a city-based programme, created by EIT Climate-KIC, that offers a clear pathway to action and interaction - an opportunity for cities and citizens to co-create local ideas to shared climate challenges. Climathon Jaffna 2021 took place on the 25 -31 of October 2021 as a blended event focusing on climatic challenges faced by Jaffna city. This year Climathon will be jointly hosted by OMNE & Sirakukal Foundation and Suvadi joins the Climathon initiative as a Knowledge & Innovation partner. For further information please visit

North East Organics (NEO)

This project intends to establish a training centre & food innovation lab under the North East Organics (NEO) - a member organisation cum social enterprise supporting the development of the organic sector in the dry zone of Sri Lanka (mainly Northern & Eastern Provinces) This project is jointly supported by the Embassy of Germany in Sri Lanka and Schoeck Familien Stiftung Germany. For further details visit

Jaffna Clean City Initiative (JCCI) Canada is working in collaboration with Suvadi and other local partners to foster inclusive urban waste governance in Jaffna town and bring positive changes to the urban environment of the city centre. This project is funded by Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka. For further details visit

TB Infotainment Campaign .mp4

Nation without Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection spread through inhaling tiny droplets from the coughs or sneezes of an infected person. It mainly affects the lungs, but it can affect any part of the body, including the tummy (abdomen), glands, bones and nervous system. Suvadi in partnership with Stop TB partnership runs infortainment campaign (Street drama, Songs, Posters etc) to create awareness among vulnerable communities in Northern Province.