Learning beyond boundaries!

ESL teacher training

  • Completed online training for three cohorts of primary teachers and one cohort of secondary school teachers

  • Impact: Currently 28 teachers are covering 1390 students in Mannar, Mulaitivu & Jaffna schools

‘Google Classroom’ Training

  • Completed online training for three cohorts of teachers successfully

  • Seventy teachers have registered already to participate in future sessions

  • Now we are selecting teachers and the 4th cohort will start soon.

  • Members of Comdu.it Deutschland are volunteering as trainers

  • Suvadi extends our sincere thanks to Ms. Priyanka Pathmanathan and her team from Germany

Suvadi was incorporated as non-profit company in 2010. Suvadi is the pioneer in digital education in Northern Sri Lanka. Suvadi is conducted after-school English classes in rural schools and in some community centers since 2014. We have promoted the use of tablets, interactive lessons, online exams in language education. In the early part of 2019, we started using ‘flipped class pedagogical approach’ in some schools. We shared learning materials before class through Google Classroom. Face-to-face class time, then being used for group activities. Suvadi’s long-term vision is rebuilding education in rural Sri Lanka through an alternative education model which give more weight to autonomous learning. COVID-19 crisis sheds light on the need for a new education model and urges all schools to use of ICT in education.