Jaffna Clean City

Jaffna Clean City

JCCI enables creation of policies, structures, and processes through emancipatory means to enable the communities, elected representatives and other institutions within the municipal limits of Jaffna City to choose and adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in dealing with the material waste management spanning from waste generation, disposal, re-collection, relocation and transforming into usable and non-usable forms.

Inclusive Governance

Increasing accountability and trust in government institutions.

Community Participation

Encouraging community participation in the waste related decision-making processes.


Providing opportunities for for individuals regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio- economic status.

Invitation for young artists from grade 3 -11

Suvadi invites artists from grades 3 -11 to take part in the Jaffna Clean City Initiative's Painting Competition 2022. The deadline is August 28, 2022. Please see the posters below for additional information! To find out more call us on 0779866409.